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Quality Assurance

Operating since 1997 Digital Ripple works with web site owners, project managers, programmers and designers to evaluate, advise, test and report on all aspects of web quality. We provide independent and experienced testing, including test plans, test scripts, bug reporting and regression testing, as well as configuration testing for multiple operating systems, and browser configurations.

Anne Louise Currie

Anne Louise Currie is the co-founder and owner of Digital Ripple and the manager of Digital Ripple's quality assurance group working with clients in the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada. She brings 18 years of web quality assurance experience to her role as quality assurance team leader. Her passion for usable, accessible, web resources fuels a commitment to ongoing research and continuous learning about what makes the web work for businesses, organizations and users. With an uncompromising attention to quality standards, combined with a practical, collaborative work style Anne Louise and her team work with top web development firms and web-enabled businesses to ensure that their web solutions meet and exceed client expectations.


Ellen Hansen

Ellen Hansen is a Quality Assurance Specialist with more than 25 years of experience including a variety of roles in Quality Assurance and Inspection in an ISO 9000 certified manufacturing environment. Immediately prior to joining Digital Ripple in early 2007, Ellen worked on a major documentation update to transfer legacy systems and procedures into a SAP system. Ellen is an ASQ certified Quality Inspector and Quality Technician. Ellen works with Digital Ripple on a part-time, as needed basis.


Diane Currie Sam

Diane Currie Sam is the co-founder of Digital Ripple. With more than 20 years experience working in the Internet industry, Diane has been involved in all aspects of this dynamic field.

Nowadays, Diane works with Digital Ripple only on an advisory basis. She is focussing on bringing her well known energy, enthusiasm and business acumen to new ventures. Beginning in late 2006, Diane started up Moboleez, an entirely new company with a one-of a kind, product for new Moms. She is also a popular business coach at Open Circle Solutions You can still contact Diane, at, or check out her out at: or