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Web Standards Development


CSS Zen Garden An inspirational garden of CSS design! This site showcases the scope and flexibility of CSS driven layout.

CSS2 Reference
Since 1998 W3 Schools has provided a free developer portal with information and resources for web developers. This is a link to online CSS2 reference table

Web Standards

W3C—World Wide Web Consortium
This is the central resource organization that develops web standards and provides the definitive reference source for those standards.

Web Standards Project
The Web Standards Project was formed in 1998 to promote web standards and to be a resource for web designers and developers. They also work with software developers and browser companies to encourage web standards compliance.

Wired Women

Wired Women—the Construction of Gender
Now for something a little different... Digital Ripple co-founder, Diane Currie wrote this article in her early web days—1993 to be exact. It's a paper about the construction of gender in the computer industry. You might find it interesting...